MindSphere 学院

MindSphere 学院提供培训和认证,使客户能够认识并利用 MindSphere 的全部潜力。 从 MindSphere 基本知识的培训到针对开发人员或连接性专家等角色的专业培训,我们将使您的 MindSphere 项目更有价值。

Instructor-led Training & E-Learning

MindSphere Academy is offering a variety of different training methods to provide flexible and interactive trainings tailored to the needs of partners and customers: Instructor-led live Training in several global training centers or at customer’s site, Instructor-led live online training with certified trainers and 24/7 self-paced online training.

Learning Paths

Different Learning Paths are available to meet the need of different target groups. The Connectivity Track deals with the onboarding process to transfer data to MindSphere. The Analytics Track teaches you how to monitor your assets and how to perform advanced analytics. For application developers, the Development Track shows the possibilities of application development for MindSphere.

MindSphere Certification Program

The official MindSphere Certification Program is offered to confirm knowledge, skills and expertise in fields of specialization and therefore offers a range of certifications. Validate your MindSphere knowledge, skills and expertise to gain confidence for upcoming projects through MindSphere Certification and boost your career.

注册 MindSphere 入门介绍免费网络研讨会!

此网络研讨会将对西门子基于云的开放式物联网(IoT)操作系统 - MindSphere 进行入门介绍。培训主题包括生态系统和合作伙伴网络的重要性,藉由MindSphere架构和安全解决方案,通过MindConnect组件将传感器数据连接到各种基于云的广泛的商业机会。 另外还将有MindSphere的现场演示。 现在就注册吧!

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