Dashboarding with Visual Explorer

Create a Workbook

Use the data source from Visual Explorer Connector in Visual Explorer.
Open the Visual Explorer app in the MindSphere Launchpad

  1. In the left corner select Explore
  2. Click on the project in which the data source is saved
  3. Click Create to start a new Workbook
  4. Select the Data source and connect
  5. Drag and drop from the measures to a row or column for visualization
    To the right to add and to the left to delete
  6. Add a Dimension
    Automatically aggregation of values are shown
  7. Select a value and see edit options
  8. Change the time stamp
  9. Edit the axis name
  10. Add a dimension into the Marks 
  11. Customize your graph
  12. Under Marks change Color, Size, Label, Path and more

Create calculation in a new Woorksheet

  1. Drag and drop another measure to a row or column
  2. Customize visualization
    Change color of each Asset
  3. Click Workbook to add a new Worksheet
  4. Select a measure and Create a Calculated Field
  5. Find available functions on the list 
    On this case the IF function
    When there are mistakes on the code a red message appear
  6. Click Okay to save 
  7. Click on the Show Me button on the right upper side
    The available possibilities for the select values will be shown
  8. Customize visualization

Create Dashboard

  1. Select new Dashboard
  2. Define Dashboard Size
  3. Select show dashboard tittle
  4. Double click on the box to edit and Apply to visualize
  5. Drag and drop the desire Sheets to visualize on the Dashboard
  6. Customize with the options under Objects
    Add a Text box and an image

Add more DataSources 

  1. Create a new Woorksheet
  2. On Data connect another datasource
  3. Search and click Create
  4. Create a graph with the new datasource
  5. Add this new woorksheet to the Dashboard

Open the Dashboard from the main menu

  1. On Explore Search and select the Dashboard
  2. Select Share to share the Dashboard with other tenant users
    Available download button 
  3. Select Edit to go to edit view

Go to Visual Explorer Connector