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Get IIoT ready with MindSphere® - the leading Industrial as a service solution. The trainings below will set your knowledge foundation and with a free MindSphere instance, you can apply your new skills directly. 

Introducing MindSphere

This learning path sets the foundation to various MindSphere topics. It defines Industrial IoT, introduces PaaS and and introduces the MindSphere portfolio.

Exploring the Essentials of MindSphere

This Learning Path is designed to teach the basics of MindSphere to technical people.

Get access to Learn & Perform with MindSphere

Our Learning as a Service membership contains training videos, knowledge checks, hands-on labs and exercise files for users and developers of MindSphere. Users will learn more about core components offered by MindSphere. Developers will learn how to connect assets, develop applications with no/low code or traditional development, and use MindSphere capabilities to analyze data.

Start your learning journey with the Discover edition and free access to the courses “Introducing MindSphere” and “Exploring Essentials of MindSphere” for 30 days!

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