Become an expert in IoT Connectivity for MindSphere!

Take your MindSphere® skills to the next level and get ready to connect your assets to the cloud! Identify and implement the best connectivity solutions for your customers and make your joint projects even more successfull. 

Follow the trainings below to become a MindSphere connectivity expert!

Exploring MindConnect Integration

MindConnect Integration enables you to integrate your cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) applications with other cloud-based and on-premise applications. This training provides insights into MindConnect Integration and how to easily develop and configure cloud-to-cloud integration. You will also be introduced to connecting cloud-based SaaS applications.

Creating Custom Agents with MindConnect Library

This Learning Path provides detailed insights into MindConnect Library, enabling you to build your own custom agent for MindSphere using C programming language. You will learn how to compile MindConnect Library on a specific operating system and use the library to exchange data with MindSphere. The onboarding of a new agent is covered in detail.

Extending MindConnect Library Custom Agents

Learn how to send files to MindSphere with MindConnect Library, how to handle event management, and explore its Data Lake Component to upload large size data. 

Creating Custom Agents with MindConnect API

This training provides detailed insights into MindConnect API, which enables you to send data from the field to MindSphere. You will learn how to develop a custom agent and how to use MindSphere RESTful APIs to enable data exchange between your custom agent and MindSphere. You will implement step-by-step your custom agent that is authenticated and authorized by MindSphere, send data to it and learn methods to debug your mistakes and how to recover from those mistakes.

MindConnect IoT Extension 

This training provides insights into using various features of MindConnect IoT Extension and different protocols that can be used to achieve bidirectional communication with MindSphere. In this training you will learn how to use MindConnect IoT Extension to connect your assets to MindSphere, acquire a better understanding of compatible elements and supported protocols. 

MindConnect Device Training

This training provides an overview of the IoT data model used in MindSphere to create assets. You will understand the benefits of MindConnect® Devices. In step by step explanations, this WBT shows you how to onboard your MindConnect Nano and MindConnect IoT2040 via OPC UA or S7 protocol.


Get access to Learn & Perform with MindSphere

Our Learning as a Service membership contains training videos, knowledge checks, hands-on labs and exercise files for users and developers of MindSphere. Users will learn more about core components offered by MindSphere. Developers will learn how to connect assets, develop applications with no/low code or traditional development, and use MindSphere capabilities to analyze data.

Start your learning journey with the Discover edition and free access to the courses “Introducing MindSphere” and “Exploring Essentials of MindSphere” for 30 days!

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