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Take your MindSphere® skills to the next level. Get ready to drive end-to-end In­dustrial IoT so­lution design and gain a fundamental un­der­standing of Mind­Sphere architecture. Follow the Academy's learning path and complete the necessary requirements to be a MindSphere certified Cloud Solution Architect.

Follow the trainings indicated below to become an expert in MindSphere Cloud Solution Architecture!

Introduction to MindSphere

This webinar provides an introduction to MindSphere, the industrial IoT as a service solution. The training topics range from an overview of the MindSphere portfolio, architecture and security solutions to the wide selection of cloud-based business opportunities.


IoT Essentials for MindSphere

You will understand the overall concept of MindSphere and its architecture. You will gain insights in the MindSphere portfolio and its core elements.
Key components like assets, aspects and datapoints will be explained to make you familiar with the concept of the IoT data model to train you how to set up your own IoT data model.

Overview of MindConnect Elements

This training provides detailed insights into the Connectivity portfolio of MindSphere. You will learn the workflow of each MindConnect® Element and get to know how to connect your physical assets in different ways.

On completion of this training you will know which MindConnect Element fits your purposes best.  

MindConnect API Training

Get detailed insights into MindConnect API (Application Programming Interface), which enables you to send data from the field (Edge) to MindSphere (Cloud) with the RESTful API.
During this training, you will learn how to develop a custom agent and how to use the MindSphere RESTful APIs to enable data exchange between your custom agent and MindSphere.

MindConnect Device Training

This training provides an overview of the IoT data model used in MindSphere to create assets. You will understand the benefits of MindConnect Devices.

In step by step explanations, this WBT shows you how to onboard your MindConnect Nano and MindConnect IoT2040 via OPC UA or S7 protocol.

MindConnect LIB Training

Get insights into MindConnect LIB enabling you to build your own custom agent for the MindSphere ecosystem using C as the programming language.
You will learn how to compile MindConnect LIB on an operating system and how to exchange data with MindSphere. The MindSphere security concept and the onboarding process of a new agent are covered in detail. 

MindConnect IoT Extension Training

This training provides insights into using various features of MindConnect IoT Extension and different protocols that can be used to achieve bidirectional communication with MindSphere. 
You will learn how to connect your assets to MindSphere, acquire a better understanding of compatible elements and supported protocols. You will also learn the onboarding process for a new agent. 

MindConnect Integration Training

MindConnect Integration is the integration platform as a service (iPaaS) offering on MindSphere. The solution enables you to integrate your cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) applications with other cloud-based and on-premise applications. This training provides insights into MindConnect Integration and how to easily develop and configure cloud-to-cloud integration. You will also be introduced to connecting cloud-based SaaS applications.

MindConnect Edge Analytics Training

You will acquire knowledge about MindConnect Edge Analytics and will learn how to configure the MindConnect Edge Analytics Engine. It enables MindConnect Nano, a connectivity element for MindSphere, to preprocess the data for MindConnect Edge Analytics. With this knowledge, you will be able to combine edge computing functionality with the powerful ecosystem of MindSphere.

App Development Training for MindSphere

During this training you will gain detailed insights in using MindSphere API enabling you to build your own application for MindSphere.
Applications developed during the training will use MindSphere APIs, while giving enough exposure to use them on your own. You will also learn about MindSphere security concepts, permission model, and request routing.

Basic Online Training Membership

The Basic Online Training Membership provides access to all relevant web-based trainings for MindSphere. 
Self-paced training and easy 24/7 access help you develop the foundational knowledge and skills needed to understand the full potential of MindSphere, available connectivity solutions, and the basics for application development.

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