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Introduction Training to MindSphere

This webinar provides an introduction to MindSphere, the industrial IoT as a service solution. The training topics range from an overview of the MindSphere portfolio, architecture and security solutions to the wide selection of cloud-based business opportunities.

IoT Essentials Training for MindSphere

You will understand the overall concept of MindSphere and its architecture. You will gain insights in the MindSphere portfolio and its core elements. Key components like assets, aspects and datapoints will be explained to make you familiar with the concept of the IoT data model to train you how to set up your own IoT data model.

MindConnect Edge Analytics Training

You will acquire knowledge about MindConnect® Edge Analytics and will learn how to configure the MindConnect Edge Analytics Engine. It enables MindConnect Nano, a connectivity element for MindSphere, to preprocess the data for MindConnect Edge Analytics. With this knowledge, you will be able to combine edge computing functionality with the powerful ecosystem of MindSphere.

Visual Flow Creator Training

During this training you will get an overview of Visual Flow Creator which allows you to build your workflow in order to create rules, define KPIs and trigger actions, such as email notifications.

Further, you can design dashboards to manage your results with ease. You will explore its main functionalities and features. 

SIMATIC MindSphere Applications Training

This WBT demonstrates how to use SIMATIC MindSphere applications that allow you to monitor and optimize the performance, maintenance and energy consumption of machines, production lines and other assets. During this training the applications SIMATIC Performance Insight, Notifier and Machine Monitor and their unique values will be explained in detail.

Basic Online Training Membership

The Basic Online Training Membership provides access to all relevant web-based trainings for MindSphere. 
Self-paced training and easy 24/7 access help you develop the foundational knowledge and skills needed to understand the full potential of MindSphere, available connectivity solutions, and the basics for application development.

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