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    MindSphere Terms and Conditions


    MindSphere General

      MindSphere Master Agreement

      base document that sets forth general terms for all services

      Acceptable Use Policy

      describes the general code of conduct regarding all platform-based services

      Data Privacy Terms

      governs the implementation of measures and safeguards for the protection of personal data

      List of Subprocessors

    MindSphere Supplemental Terms, MindAccess

      Mindsphere Supplemental Terms

      service descriptions and terms for certain services, data center locations, service levels and support terms

      MindAccess IoT Value Plan

      Specific Terms for MindAccess IoT Value Plan

      if you provide services to others under your MindAccess IoT Value Plan

      Product Sheet for MindAccess IoT Value Plan

      service description

      MindAccess DevOps Plan

      Specific Terms for MindAccess Developer Plan

      for the development and testing of own applications

      MindSphere DevOps Guide

      Specific Terms for MindAccess Operator Plan

      for the commercial operation, marketing and provisioning of own applications

      MindSphere Marketing Guide

      Product Sheet for MindAccess DevOps Plan

      service description