Configure your personalized MindSphere journey

Choose from multiple access options to a broad selection of apps and services as well as connectors for industrial assets to build an industrial IoT as a service solution customized to your needs. 


Step 1 - Access IoT

Start your digitalization journey with the right Capability Package.

Step 2 - Create your Data Model

Select the right amount of asset attributes, which represent the variables you want to read and configure in your IoT data model.

Step 3 - Choose the Right Size

Define how big your account should be.
Choose from a variety of different cloud resource sizes to meet your use case.

Step 4 - Book Extras

Extend your solution scope with industry-specific, advanced analytics, machine learning and connectivity applications, or additional cloud resources

Step 5 - Training and Services

Accelerate your MindSphere journey with professional training and services.

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Whether you get value from your data through our IoT apps and solutions or develop your own, learn how to use MindSphere step by step.