Get started right away - with MindSphere Solution Packages

Streamline your IIoT adaption or build powerful, targeted IoT applications with a packaged solution. Each package gives you a tailored solution to various challenges facing your company.


Product Intelligence

Product Intelligence enables you to unify, search and analyze contextualized big data to deliver actionable intelligence that will enable you to pinpoint the source of value chain issues.


Hack your next gen IoT application on MindSphere

Develop your own app and discover the broad opportunities within MindSphere: Take advantage of our pre-defined modular offering or benefit from our experience to customize your Hackathon.


Start small, scale quickly

MindSphere offers you different pre-defined packages. Every package comes with a dedicated set of capabilities and services. Each aims at targeted outcomes and addresses a different stage in the maturity path towards digitalization.

Connect & Monitor

Your IoT kickstart: Connect to get key data from your components and systems

Analyze & Predict

A world of new insights: Use modern analytic
tools to better understand and improve your

Digitalize & Transform

Generation of optimization and growth: Build and operate powerful targeted applications to transform your business

Create your custom MindSphere solution

Choose from multiple access options to a broad selection of apps and services as well as connectors for industrial assets to build a MindSphere operating system customized to your needs


Securely connect assets to collect and transfer data to MindSphere


Get immediate access to MindSphere and applications for MindSphere

Applications & components

Analyze IoT data to improve business productivity


Accelerate your MindSphere journey with professional services and trainings

Explore applications and components

Monitor your assets and analyze their data to predict future events using MindSphere applications and components.

Manage MyMachines

Manage MyMachines from Siemens Motion Control leverages expertise in machine tool operations in state and conditions including alarms

Product Intelligence

Automate insights from product performance data to create actionable intelligence

Visual Analyzer

Visualize, analyze, and share data across your organization to drive collaboration and insights on your products and processes

Visual Explorer

Build visualizations and dashboards utilizing a web-based solution of Tableau®

Visual Flow Creator

Design your own workflows using a web-based editor to prepare data for further visualization and define rules to trigger actions

Predictive Learning

Schedule predictive maintenance, predict product performance, and increase operational efficiency

Data Exploration built on Tableau®

Explore your IoT data using the powerful data preparation, visualization and analytics engine of Tableau®

Accelerate your MindSphere journey

MindSphere experts offer professional consulting, implementation and training for every step of your MindSphere journey.

Introduction Training

This one-day classroom training covers key aspects of the MindSphere ecosystem from use cases to a live demonstration of collection of sensor data and the subsequent data analytics

  • 1-day training
  • Management&Sales, R&D and technical managers
  • Training

Basic Application Development Training

In this three-day training you will learn about the MindSphere architecture, MindSphere APIs, security concepts, the permission model, request routing, and the MindSphere RESTful API

  • 3-day training
  • Developers, software architects, R&D managers
  • Training

MindConnect Device Training

This training provides an overview of the MindSphere connectivity portfolio. During hands- on training, you will become familiar with the different MindConnect devices, their settings and areas of application

  • 1-day training
  • Management, engineers, software architects
  • Training

Ideation Workshop

Generate use cases for your MindSphere solution within this one-day workshop through focused discussions that address your business challenges and objectives

  • 1-day training
  • Businesses starting on their IoT journey
  • Professional Services

Solution Requirement Workshop

Define the requirements for your MindSphere IoT solution. Join forces with our experts to develop the data model structure and more

  • 1-day training
  • Anyone with a defined IoT businesses use case
  • Professional Services

MindSphere Developer Training for Hackathons

This two-day training provides the technical foundation for developing your applications during a Hackathon

  • 2-day training
  • Developers, software architects, R&D managers
  • Training

MindConnect Integration Training

This one-day training provides detailed insights into MindConnect Integration and how to easily develop and configure cloud-to-cloud integration

  • 1-day training
  • Management, software developers, software architects, system integrators
  • Training

MindConnect API Training

This one-day training provides detailed insights into the MindConnect API, which enables you to build your own custom agent for MindSphere

  • 1-day training
  • Software developers, software architects
  • Training

Make your assets IoT-ready

Collect and connect your data to MindSphere. Use MindConnect hardware, software or edge analytics capabilities.

MindConnect Nano

Securely collect and transfer data to MindSphere to enable cloud-based applications and services

MindConnect Edge Analytics Engineer

Increase the availability of your machines and improve plant efficiency: Use built-in X-Tools technology to collect and preprocess highly-dynamic signals at fast sampling rates

MindConnect IoT Extension Upgrade

Add 20 GB data ingest per month to your MindConnect IoT Extension

MindConnect Integration for Cloud

Securely bring existing data into MindSphere to enable cloud-based applications and services

MindConnect Integration for On-premise

Securely integrate on-premise enterprise systems and data historians with MindSphere

Access MindSphere

Configure assets as well as use existing apps, or develop and run your own apps.

MindAccess IoT Value Plan for Users

Get access to all MindSphere apps and services and benefit from a rich set of system tools.

MindAccess DevOps Plan for developers and operators

Develop and run your own apps for MindSphere. 
Sell them to a specific customer or to a larger store audience.

Expand your MindAccess plan

Choose upgrades to customize your MindSphere experience.

Fleet Manager Rules Upgrade

Increase the number of active rules for Fleet Manager by 100

Analytical Services Upgrade

Upgrade your analytics services with an additional 10,000 API calls per month

Backing Services Upgrade

Select from Elasticsearch, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, or LogMeMe