It's not just a tool, we take you by the hand.

Digitalization. Smart manufacturing. Hyperautomation. Call it what you want. You need to keep up with the competition. The challenge is not only to find the right solution provider for your requirements, but also a partner to help you implement IoT with the necessary expertise.

Need a hand during your journey through the IoT jungle? We support you every step along the way.

Let's explore the MindSphere® industrial IoT as a service solution to create a business proof decision for your company. 

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We know what you need

Born with industry and innovation in our blood we created MindSphere as a trusted solution ecosystem. Leveraging a diverse global partner ecosystem enriched with Siemens’ domain expertise across industries transforms your IoT data into actionable insights.

Here to support you every step of the way

“In Siemens, we have secured a strong partner with outstanding digitalization and industry expertise.” 

Oliver Blume - Chairman of Porsche AG 
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"We were extremely surprised by how fast Siemens is moving. The Siemens that you're seeing here is actually a startup and I am coming from a Startup. They're fast, responsive, things were streamlined and this was kind of amazing for us." 

CEO and co-founder Precognize – Chen Linchevski

"From the beginning, we intensely worked together with Siemens and we got great support. Starting point had been a hands-on workshop together with MindSphere experts, which enabled us to directly focus on creating value for our customers instead of dealing with prerequisites."

Thomas Stauß - Head of Development Engineering Software Festo


Get the most out of IoT


Operate how you want

Integrate MindSphere into current IT landscapes. Public cloud, private cloud, and at the edge - we’ll meet you where you are.


Industrial IoT solutions fast

Leverage ready-made apps that solve business challenges through leading integrated IoT data management, analytics and visualizations.


Trust your cloud

Get security from the ground up: backed by a team of experts and proactive compliance that make data protection and intellectual property their top priority.

Let’s talk your needs

No matter if it’s first questions or specific requests. The MindSphere team of experts is here to help.

Let your team explore MindSphere

Learn how to create value with your IoT data accompanied by a tour guide to get a first impression of MindSphere.

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