Choose your stack, not your limits.

IoT services are often considered strategically. And the tools you work with are limited in their set of features and services. This makes it hard to develop the right solutions when the tools you use have little flexibility. You know your requirements best - work with a tool that works for you when developing IoT solutions.

What if you could choose the tool that fits your needs best?

Test drive the MindSphere® industrial IoT as a service solution and contribute to the right decision when it comes to your working stack.

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Develop your own solution

Build apps your way: in your editors and programming languages of choice as well as with a strong set of APIs. Or, gain speed with Siemens' low-code platform, Mendix, using pre-built templates. With MindSphere, you get everything you need to move faster and smarter and to benefit from the value of IoT.

Keep your data secure

Your MindSphere application will run on a secure infrastructure implementing industrial state-of-the-art security measures which are updated continuously. 

Protect your intellectual property with data encryption, regular security audits, and a certified development process. Profit from the MindSphere data separation and integrated authorization management for applications based on oAuth.


Connect your machines - of any type or brand - and integrate your data

Connect machines from a great variety of different vendors via protocols like MQTT. Make your machines cloud-ready with our plug-and-play MindConnect® gateways.

Integrate even brownfield via protocols like OPC UA and use different IT systems.


Trust your cloud

We guarantee the performance of your apps by running every service that we provide to you in multiple availability zones and regions and by upgrading your customer's applications without downtime.

Manage and collaboratively use your apps via a web-based launchpad. 


Scale without limits

Scale your data ingest and resources without performance impact. Ensure fast availability of large amounts of your data and drive historical analysis by automatic hot and cold storage handling and pre-calculated aggregates. 


Use your favorite cloud infrastructure and app development services to build MindSphere applications


Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services

Cloud Foundry

Alibaba Cloud

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Start evaluating your future tool today

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