Qliktag Platform



The Qliktag Platform enables product information exchange, tracking and traceability of products, components, ingredients and other supply chain elements. It addresses the challenges of ensuring product trust, meeting regulatory requirements for transparency, combating counterfeit products, illicit trade and improving product safety. 


Supported Industries:

  • Consumer Products & Retail
  • Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals



Process Impact

Enhanced identification, tracking insights and traceability to tackle counterfeiting, trace safety issues to the source, and deliver critical information digitally when needed thereby establishing consumer trust. 

Business Opportunities

  • Improves OEM margins, increases end-customer satisfaction, and mitigates health, safety, and property risks. 
  • Reduces counterfeit products, illicit trade, smuggling, and unsafe products.
  • Addresses regulatory compliance issues for tracking and traceability across the supply chain.

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