Connected Workforce Safety and Productivity

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Improving connectivity to factory assets and machine data

Worker safety and compliance is becoming a major focus for most enterprises, particularly in the construction, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing and utility markets. Technology penetration in workplace safety is still low due to requirements of intrinsic safety for electronic hardware and general technology maturity. With the growing adoption of IoT, availability of edge computing, and improved sensor technologies, enterprises are looking for new ways to achieve worker safety and reduce risk and liability.

“Connected worker” solutions, including wearables such as smart hardhats, watches and glasses, are becoming more prevalent in the workplace. Built-in sensors monitor and send alerts about hazards such as gas leaks, worker fatigue, high voltage or man-down scenarios. Platform-based enterprise systems can enable integration with IoT, protecting workers and fostering compliance.

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Creating a paradigm shift in workplace safety through connectivity

This integrated solution use case, developed by Wipro for the MindSphere® platform, improves worker safety through wearables, sensors, monitoring, alerts and analytics for use cases such as worker localization, geo-fencing, man-down scenarios, SOS, and safety analytics. 

The IIoT solution integrates with MindSphere, allowing hardware and end-point devices to connect with enterprise platforms in the backend, while leveraging the connectivity, data management and analytics capabilities in MindSphere.

Worker and supervisor apps foster open communication in safety-critical environments and situations, with a command center and dashboard hosted on MindSphere to monitor workers at all times. The end-to-end solution offers data analytics for continuous improvement initiatives, while minimizing risk and liability.


  • Real-time communication between workers, supervisors, and the command and safety control center.
  • Low-profile safety hardware enabling easy deployment and backend integration. 
  • Evaluation of historical data and alerts, providing insights on the safety compliance of a single or multiple industrial sites.


  • Improves worker safety, preventing and reducing workplace hazards and accidents with end-to-end integration of sensors, platforms and applications.
  • Addresses safety-related scenarios relevant to multiple industries.
  • Allows safety-focused IIoT hardware and devices to connect to backend enterprise systems.
  • Reduces risk and liability, saving costs and improving utilization of human resources.

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