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Real-time monitoring of fleet vehicle usage

Customers frequently struggle with cost-overruns in fleet maintenance and unexpected fleet related liability claims. Slow moving trails of paperwork delay analysis while employee mis-use of fleet vehicles drives up undocumented mileage & throws off maintenance schedules increasing the risk of unexpected downtime and expense. MindSphere enables customers to take better control of fleet vehicle and driver data, with central alert and monitoring capability for fleet managers.

Operational efficiency gains for customers include a decrease in the time spent on logistics paperwork and the ability to provide more accurate schedules for preventative maintenance. Real time alerting helps detect and prevent personal use of company vehicles, which reduces liability to the company.

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Predictive modeling, real time AI 

This solution use case, provided by Tech Mahindra on the MindSphere® platform, enables robust monitoring capability including driver speed, time, location monitoring, vehicle impact detection and vehicle tampering detection.

With improved maintenance schedules for fleet assets, customers receive the benefit of improved vehicle uptime. Integrated maintenance and usage data reduce the guesswork that comes with large fleet management, and allows your drivers to spend less time on paperwork. 

Crash alert notifications allow managers to quickly and accurately route assistance to damaged vehicles and improve service levels in the event of an accident. Impact detection helps provide clarity in the event of a crash, reducing legal expense and potential liability.


  • Geofencing and location tracking to ensure vehicles operate where they are authorized to operate.
  • Alert data is actionable and easy to understand. Fleet operators can quickly take action as necessary.
  • Driver reporting data helps improve fleet safety and driver performance, while reducing liability.
  • Integration with ERP systems


  • Understand exactly when and where your fleet is being utilized.
  • Improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your maintenance schedules, improving vehicle uptime.
  • Allow managers to quickly respond to vehicle incidents and anomolies with advanced event detection.
  • Improve the timeliness & accuracy of data, reduce the papertrail for operators.

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