Ready Mix Concrete Truck Monitoring

Use Case

Real-time monitoring of ready mix concreate trucks and mixing drums

Ready Mix Concrete requires care and timely delivery to provide optimal specified results in construction projects.

While disparate solutions exist for tracking various elements of activity, there have been limited options for a holistic view of Ready Mix Concrete vehicles and their performance.

In addition to traditional vehicle tracking and routing features, to achieve a true benefit the delivery and mixing system must also be monitored to ensure that the mixing speed and ratio of water flow are operating as intended. Rapid alerts allow for operators to make corrections before problems occur. When managing a fleet of vehicles, optimized routing is essential to improve margins and efficiency of delivery.

Supported Industries

We have a solution

Improve quality of delivered concreate, reduce waste and improve truck routing.

This solution use case, provided by Tech Mahindra on the MindSphere® platform, provides ready mix concrete truck monitoring for transportation and construction firms. This supply chain solution addresses order mangement, job scheduling, routing and complete process monitoring.

With real-time monitoring of vehicle location and speed along with drum RPM, rotation, and waterflow, this application provides alerts and guidance to avoid issues that reduce the quality of concrete.

Geofence features detect entry of truck at factory and customer location and route planning features help ensure optimal delivery timeframes. Real time alerts provide updates on shipment status and any anomolies with drum rotation that can be addressed before the quality of the shipment is reduced.


  • Monitoring of vehicle location and speed.
  • Monitoring of drum RPM, rotation speed, and water flow.
  • Geofence feature to detect entry of vehicles at factory and customer sites.
  • Dashboards and reports for business users.
  • Integration with ERP solutions


  • Reduce waste and loss of product due to long delivery time frames or inconsistent mixing drum performance.
  • Optimize vehicle route planning for key deliver locations.
  • Real time alerts provide guidance for errors and enable rapid response at factory or customer sites when vehicles arrive.

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