Pilferage Monitoring for Tanks

Use Case

Real-time monitoring of tanker vehicles in the supply chain

Cargo theft is on the rise in the world, impacting margins and customer satisfaction. 31% of the incidents of cargo theft in 2017 involved pilferage, also known as skimming from the top of liquid cargo loads. Thieves hope to have their activity go unnoticed until the vehicle has later reached it’s destination.

This pilferage is made possible due to the lack of monitoring capability and generally poor methods of securing tanker cargo loads. With no ability to monitor loads beyond weighing trucks at arrival and destination, it is difficult for transportation teams to fully track where suspicious events may take place. A better approach is needed to combat this rising trend that is impacting margins and customer satisfaction across the industry.

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We have a solution

Improve delivery rate of liquid goods shipped on tanker trucks.

This solution use case, provided by Tech Mahindra on the MindSphere® platform, provides pilferage monitoring for tanker vehicles in your supply chain.

With real time location monitoring and security access granted through validated delivery location tracking, your deliveries are made more secure, avoiding the risk of theft and siphoning during transit. With electromechancial controls for lock and keying mechanisms, combined with integrated cellular connectivity, your cargo will arrive at the proper destination with the full quantity that was ordered.

With the integrated location tracking, your organization gains additional benefits to tracking transit location and movement to better serve customer information requests, improving customer satisfaction.


  • Geofence feature to detect entry of truck at initial and customer locations.
  • Electromechanical key security tied to GPS location validation.
  • Electromechanical lock also validated via GPS location before allowed use.
  • Real time alerts and notifications of security issues, tampering, and improper access to cargo at unauthorized locations.


  • Reduce shrinkage and loss within the supply chain.
  • Real time visibility of product and shipment information reduces costs and time involved in tracking and drives improved customer service.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with full deliveries of the ordered product.

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