Consumer Product Trust, Transparency and Traceability

Use Case

Factory floor to consumer solution for manufacturers

Increasing demands from government regulations and consumers require greater information transparency and traceability to address product safety, consumer health concerns, counterfeiting, and illicit trade. Manufacturers continue to use complex and inefficient processes to meet these demands, such as use of print labels, leaflets, spreadsheets, fragmented databases, and dispersed systems.

Keeping current with regulations for consumer information access and labelling is challenging. Counterfeiting, grey market trade, mass product recalls, and packaging changes lead to millions in lost revenue.

We have a solution

Increases consumer confidence in products, reduces manufacturers’ risk

This solution use case is provided by Qliktag on MindSphere®. It is designed to increase consumer transparency and availability of product or item information and improve consumer trust. For manufacturers, it increases visibility into product movement, traceability, ability to combat counterfeiting while also addressing quality control, product safety, margins, and liability risk.

As Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) products and pharmaceuticals are manufactured, the Qliktag Platform application assigns unique identifiers and digital links at a batch, SKU, or serialized item level. By integrating with factory floor systems, products maintain information about themselves and the context in which they exist, updating as they move from the factory, through the supply chain, to the consumer, and beyond.


  • Flexible data model designer structures the right data models and association between ‘things.’ 
  • Digital interaction designer to create visual experiences and non-visual interaction flows for ‘things’ managed with the application.
  • Configurable and custom APIs for easy integration with other systems, applications and devices.
  • Optimized for scalability across millions of products or serialized items.


  • Increased end-customer satisfaction with safer and healthier consumer goods.
  • Improved efficiency along the supply chain.
  • Addresses regulatory compliance issues.
  • Optimized view of product movement.

How it works

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The Qliktag Platform

The Qliktag Platform is a unique application that helps manufacturers comply with changing regulations for consumer transparency and labelling, delivering product content to consumers digitally in multiple languages. It enables product tracking and traceability to regulate product safety and to battle counterfeiting and illicit trade. 


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