Predictive Monitoring of Industrial Robots

Use Case

Detect early signs of robot failures and increase uptime

In today’s competitive global marketplace, manufacturers are under great pressure to deliver high volume production. In response to these demands, they are becoming more dependent on industrial robots. When robots fail, unplanned downtime results in significant production losses. Currently, many manufacturers take a reactive maintenance approach, fixing robots after they have degraded or failed.

In order to maximize uptime, predictive maintenance applications are necessary to provide objective and data-driven robot health information. Plant managers and maintenance personnel need a connected solution that helps them visualize and monitor their factory robots.

Supported Industries

We have a solution

Collect data from industrial robot programmable logic controllers without any add-on sensors 

This solution use case is provided on the MindSphere® platform by Predictronics. It features Predictronics’ Factory Sentinel for Industrial Robots data visualization and analytics application. The application monitors and manages the condition of industrial robots and uses predictive algorithms to generate accurate analytic health models.

This application obtains motor, current, position, and speed data, running it through machine learning algorithms to establish a robot baseline behavior model. The Factory Sentinel platform then assesses how the current behavior differs from the baseline behavior, helping plant management and factory personnel visualize robot degradation.

Factory Sentinel sends notifications and alerts about faulty and degrading robots to users through an easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy web interface, providing the root cause analysis. Ultimately, factories experience less unplanned downtime and greater productivity.


  • Intuitive data visualization with real-time alerts for degrading robots.
  • Data collected every 12 or 24 hours and sent across the network to the Factory Sentinel server.
  • Advanced machine learning and pattern recognition
  • Automated, customizable reports. 
  • Compatible with multiple robot makes and models. 


  • Allows factory personnel to visualize robot health, discover robot degradation, and predict failures.
  • Cost savings due to reduced unplanned downtime and greater productivity.
  • Easy to use, requiring no data science experience. 

How it works

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Factory Sentinel for Industrial Robots

Factory Sentinel for Industrial Robots is a data visualization and analysis application that monitors and manages the condition of industrial robots. It provides objective and data-driven robot health information for overall and axis health, and uses advanced predictive algorithms to generate accurate health models. 


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