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Digital transformation for global production

To maintain a competitive posture in the global manufacturing and production world, companies must focus to productivity. Automation has increased productivity, but ensuring production machines are fully optimized and managed is frequently a challenge across facilities.

Enabling proper measurement and calculation of (OEE) Overall Equipment Effectiveness is essential to this process. Many firms face challenges due to complex organizational structures that lead to reporting being non-standard across production facilities. Centralized management is time consuming and almost impossible.

To properly define production metrics and goals requires a standard approach across your global operation. This leads to KPI metrics, including OEE, that are reliable and valid across your facilities.

We have a solution

Improve OEE through robust common kpis with data utilizing a common baseline.

This solution use case, provided by PIA Automation on the MindSphere® platform, enables a world wide digital performance dashboard for connected production equipment.

The solution monitors the health of your plant assets, along with processing and analyzing the historical and online data from the production lines as well as end of line testers. This allows the identification and correlation of events, which could lead to process blockage and other types of unexpected downtime. Proactive problem identification and measurment leads to optimal asset utilization.

By connecting machines and end-of-line (EoL) testers into the same platform, quality metrics are easily integrated into your data. This enables KPIs and indicators that include output results, allowing you to correlate machine performance data with product quality results.


  • Establish a common baseline across production facilities and subsidiaries to improve the consistency of KPI data.
  •  Asset management and monitoring of maintenance activities
  • OEE transparency and comparison between production lines.


  • Clear worldwide visibility to operational data for connected equipment, driving better operational efficiency and performance.
  •  Integrated EoL data enables correlation of machine performance to quality of production.
  • Avoid unplanned downtime and improve efficiency and response times of your maintenance teams with advanced notification of pending failure conditions and events. 

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piaMonitor enables deep insights into ongoing production processes allowing better centralized management decisions for worldwide production. Production can be broken down to measurable units and targets to monitor and control various production sections from anywhere in the world.


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MindAccess™ IoT Value Plan connects your assets and uses MindSphere applications to leverage your data.

MindService® offers training and professional services to support the development and implementation of your MindSphere solution.


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