Predictive Analytics and Asset Lifecycle Management

Use Case

Enhanced infrastructure safety with easy development of digital twin

Offshore oil and gas project risk is increasingly high, and returns are being squeezed with higher oil prices. Accidents cost lives, and infrastructure is very expensive to repair and rebuild. Traditionally enterprises are using manual inspection techniques, which are high in resource costs and often in unsafe conditions. Operators are seeking better, more predictive techniques to improve safety of infrastructure and lower maintenance costs.

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Enhance worker safety and improved cost position

This solution use case, provided by PhDsoft on MindSphere®, provides tools for easy development of a digital twin of Topsides infrastructure (oil and gas offshore platforms). Other apps in the suite use predictive analytics with machine learning to age assets and monitor condition, and provide proactive advice on maintenance and safety. Sensors dynamically update condition of structures in the digital twin, and the mobile app provides ability to update and feedback results of tests and inspections to keep the twin current.


  • Sensors dynamically update condition of structures in the digital twin.
  • Ability to schedule maintenance tasks with feedback from maintenance crews.
  • Benchmarking performance and comparison with other platforms.


  • Safety improvement with alerts and alarms of dangerous situations in the infrastructure.
  • Lower costs with predictive insights into repair and replacement needs.
  • Data analysis and reporting for overall KPIs.
  • Enables digital twin for life-cycle asset management.

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  PhDsoft C4D



This application is a predictive analytics digital twin tool and is specialized for asset integrity and predictive maintenance of complex assets.







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