Cloud Style Operation Status Visualization

Use Case

Acquire and visualize operational status data via the cloud

While trying to implement the benefits of Industry 4.0, manufacturers often struggle due to the decline of an experienced and skilled baby-boomer workforce. Many plants still have old machinery, combined with varied equipment brands, making it difficult to visualize the overall status of their entire factory.

Identifying machine loss and improving the operating rate of equipment is critical for improved efficiency, and plant managers need real-time data to increase productivity. There is a significant opportunity to coordinate the acquisition and visualization of operational data coming from the devices via Siemens MindSphere and signal monitoring through the cloud.

Supported Industries

We have a solution

View and analyze operational data anytime and anywhere from any device

This solution use case is provided by PATLITE on the MindSphere platform. PATLITE’s visualization tool runs natively on MindSphere, providing a real-time dashboard to help plant managers improve operational efficiency. The easy-to-use solution consolidates the device data through signal towers, which is then captured in MindSphere and displayed in Andon display technology. Retrospective analysis is also available in a Gantt chart function.

The easy-to-install monitoring tool supported by MindSphere offers a low-cost solution through a cloud service subscription model. Plant managers are alerted when machines are slowing down or experiencing errors, allowing for more proactive maintenance schedules and extending machine life.


  • PC servers become unnecessary as the application is on a cloud system
  • Operational status data is available anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • Retrospective analysis is available by Gantt-Chart Display Function
  • Low-cost scalable start up is simple to use with cloud service subscription model


  • Improves plant operations and profitability through real-time operational data monitoring
  • Visualizes the operating status of equipment, clarifying the operating loss of machines, and accelerates PDCAs for productivity improvement
  • Low-cost implementation and easy to install

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