Improving Workplace Safety with IoT

Use Case

Real-time location and condition monitoring for factory workers

Improving workplace safety is essential for manufacturing organizations. Across factories, plant facilities, construction sites, warehouses and ships, organizations must ensure their workers are kept safe and healthy.

A key challenge to overcome is the unpredictable nature of human behavior throughout the workday. Schedules provide clues to where workers should be located, but various events will trigger movement throughout the facility and make locating workers, or preventing workers from entering a secure or dangerous area more challenging.

With the right technology, these challenges can be mitigated, enabling better rescue response in a crisis, as well as driving improved safety and compliance before a crisis occurs.

We have a solution

Improve worker safety and rescue response with IoT

This solution use case, provided by Orange Business Services on the MindSphere® platform, enables monitoring of worker movements. The solution can be integrated in a smart helmet using wearable technology and wireless connectivity.

This solution provides real-time visibility to location and conditions, enabling your response and rescue teams to respond more effectively to critical issues. Alert capability can warn workers of extreme conditions or secured areas before they enter.

With historical tracking of data, your compliance teams are able to quickly demonstrate adherance to regulations and contractual terms. Machine learning enables pattern analysis that can help predict issues before they impact workers. Long term safety is improved by enabling analysis of exposure to hazardous conditions, enabling re-rostering processes to keep exposure levels below long term limits.


  • Technology provides location of worker. 
  • Alerts and real-time data access to diagnose issues and improve response.
  • Gain machine learning insights from current and historical data to predict potential issues before they impact workers. 


  • Clear visibility to worker location.
  •  Geolocation and schematics enable alerts for secure area access as well as abnormal conditions in a particular zone.
  • Improve compliance and quickly demonstrate adherence to policies with current and historical data.
  • Enable rescue and response crews to respond with accurate information about the location workers are in.

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MindAccess™ IoT Value Plan connects your assets and uses MindSphere applications to leverage your data.

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