Smart Welding Solution

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Optimize welding quality and reliability with remote usage and location monitoring

The OEM industry is experiencing a significant shortage of skilled welders. Welding is traditionally characterized by low operational efficiency, as well as high maintenance and warranty costs. Yet welding is a critical technology for nearly 90% of all durable goods and heavy machinery production, as well as most construction projects. Manufacturers are seeking new ways to increase quality and efficiency while lowering costs.

Connected welding machinery helps resolve these problems by allowing remote monitoring of location, usage, predictive maintenance and skilled labor management. Real-time dashboards help plant and construction managers bring a new level of consistency, reliability and repeatability to weld quality, while optimizing defect and issue resolution. In addition, spare sales increases through planning and targeted distribution.

We have a solution

Track usage, location and maintenance of welding machinery with real-time monitoring dashboard.

This solution use case is provided on the MindSphere® platform by LivNSense Technologies, a MindSphere partner and member of the Siemens partner network. LivNSense Technologies’ Smart Wedling Management solution on MindSphere offers a dashboard with real-time monitoring, providing valuable insights into the uptime, productivity, location and machine health of welding equipment and skilled welders.

Visibility into real-time welding activity is linked to significant KPIs, allowing for better and faster decisionmaking, and more effective training programs. 


  • Real-time notifications of machine health status including anomalies, downtime and defects.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard with drill-down and detailed reporting capabilities.
  • End-to-end view of welding process and workforce skills across all stages of operations. 
  • Seamless connectivity via wireless and cellular network under adverse RF conditions.
  • Location-based tracking and geo-fencing to prevent misuse.


  • Predict asset health, performance and reliability with machine learning.
  • Optimize machines at plant floor with interactive scheduling.
  • Predict consumables and welding quality for reduced repair costs.
  • Equipment-as-a-Service – warranty, spares and field force optimization.

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