IoT-capable Smart Mold

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Increasing cost-effectiveness and efficiency with IoT-capable smart molds

The injection molding and molding machinery industries are being revolutionized on their journey to IoT. Gearing up for mass production using metal molds requires highly-skilled and seasoned craftsmen, whose numbers are dwindling worldwide. Often this mass production takes place in overseas factories where deploying molding systems can be time-consuming and expensive. Enter smart manufacturing, which requires connecting edge devices to the cloud in order to collect and analyze data. 

IoT-capable smart molds can help resolve the molding industry challenges by using “BrainModel®”, combining both transparent “white box” artificial intelligence (AI) and the expertise of mold-maker craftsmen. Add in written documentation, this solution can improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of any mass production mold injection operation.

We have a solution

Derive value from predictive and performance data analysis of molds and molding machinery

This solution use case, provided by LIGHTz on the MindSphere® platform, seamlessly enables data ingestion from OT hardware in molds and molding machinery in the edge IoT technology stack.

The artificial intelligence system used in this application is not a black box one, but rather a transparent white box AI, which specifies the basis for any machine learning and data analysis.

With an optimized set of parameters, IoT capable molds can ingest data into MindSphere, and provide unique defect predictive analysis through a smart mold application. The LIGHTz smart mold use case provides this capability. The easy-to-use solution on the edge allows for quick ingestion of data from mold sensors to the cloud.


  • Converting sensor numerical data into language interpretation information.
  • Searchable information by the graphical database structure containing BrainModel®.
  • Training data and its execution algorithm have been developed with manufacturing experts and proven academic information.


  • Prevent trial and error manufacturing with improved analysis and real-time information.
  • Increased efficiency and quality outcomes with the combined power of seasoned molding craftsmen and AI.
  • Lower maintenance costs with predictive analysis and text alerts on defects and causes. 
  • Quicker time to revenue in gearing up mass production molding facilities. 

How it works

Learn more about the applications and services that power this solution. 

LIGHTz x-Brains Application

An edge connector app that allows the end-user in injection molding operations to easily collect data from industrial systems (PLC, DCS, sensors or historians) for ingestion into MindSphere.


LIGHTz Professional Services

LIGHTz offers a range of professional services to deploy this solution, depending on your needs, and accelerate your digital transformation. Services may include: consulting, implementation, integration, customization and training.

MindAccess IoT Value Plan and MindServices

MindAccess™ IoT Value Plan connects your assets and uses MindSphere applications to leverage your data.

MindService® offers training and professional services to support the development and implementation of your MindSphere solution.


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