Quality Optimization Process Chemicals

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Quality Improvement for chemical process manufacturing

Chemical process manufacturers are seeing an increase in quality specifications for products from end customers. Operating in a post facto manner, manufacturers face steep costs and yield loss due to reprocessing steps to meet specifications.

Process manufacturers lack a proactive means of assessing potential quality issues in the production process. Most of the analysis currently available focuses on what went wrong, and while some models can suggest potential root causes of quality issues, most lack the ability to determine the most probable root cause.

This situation leaves a gap where organizations struggle to proactively view the potential quality level within their active manufacturing process. 

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We have a solution

Quality Optimization for process chemicals through machine learning

This solution use case, provided by Flutura on the Cerebra and MindSphere® platform, enables data collection and machine learning that enable proactive quality prediction in process manufacturing. By focusing on improving quality before a negative outcome occurs, process manufacturers directly improve their ROI. The long term impact drives better customer retention and brand reputation enabling business growth with solid capacity for continued quality optimization.

The integration of MindSphere platform with the Cerebra application enables robust analysis of current and historical data. Prediction capability improves via machine learning and gets better with time and more production runs.


  • Visualizations support line operators, plant managers, and quality engineers.
  • Automated Root Cause Analysis at batch level.
  • Identification of most significant process parameter w.r.t quality.
  • Data driven “What-if Analysis” to take corrective action pro-actively.
  • Integration between machine data and enterprise systems including ERP and MES.


  • Leverage historical machine data to build predictive machine learning models that can predict probable quality of a manufacturing run.
  • Reduce costs related to poor quality outcomes, including rework, extra runs and loss of customer confidence.
  • Give your staff actionable steps to improve manufacturing yields.
  • Reduce cost through better machine up time and reduced staffing levels.

How it works

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Cerebra Quality Pulse

The Cerebra Quality Pulse application focuses on Product Quality Improvement for process manufacturers and supports both batch and continuous manufacturing. Robust analysis of inputs and production data enable machine learning algorithms to assess product and component quality throughout the process and recommend actions to improve the end quality of the finished product.


Flutura Professional Services

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MindAccess IoT Value Plan and MindServices

MindAccess™ IoT Value Plan connects your assets and uses MindSphere applications to leverage your data.

MindService® offers training and professional services to support the development and implementation of your MindSphere solution.


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