Engineering Group - Smart 7-Apps for Asset Performance Management

Use Case

Leverage data to increase asset availability, utilization, and reliability

Some of most important decisions manufacturers make are ones related to the care and management of equipment, plants, and machinery. However, many manufacturers are not using data to maximize utilization, productivity, and performance of these assets. They don’t have their machines connected, and if they do, they’re not generating insights and driving decisions from the data they collect. 

This oversight is costly. Unplanned downtime causes business disruption and lost production, making it far more expensive than planned maintenance. 

By combining a holistic approach and the right tools, manufacturers can monitor, manage, and maintain their assets to ensure the reliability and availability of the equipment and plants essential to operations.

We have a solution

Implement the most cost-effective Asset Performance Management strategies

This use case is provided by Engineering Group on the MindSphere platform. Built harnessing the capabilities of Siemens Opcenter, the power of Siemens MindSphere, and the flexibility of low-code development methodologies, Engineering Group’s Smart 7-Apps for Asset Performance delivers information and insights related to asset condition and performance at the point of action.

With the explicit purpose of improving the reliability and availability of physical assets, the Smart 7-Apps connect the production floor to the balance sheet using health and output-related data. Enabling SmartPlant, SmartProcess, SmartOperator, SmartPerformance, SmartEnergy, SmartMonitor, and SmartMaintenance, the Smart 7-Apps minimize unplanned repair work, reduce equipment failure, increase asset availability, and extend asset life without incurring unnecessary costs.


  • Seven applications can be implemented separately or integrated in a fully connected workflow
  • Asset data capture, data integration, data visualization, and advanced analytics capabilities combined in one solution
  • Energy use monitoring drives more costeffective, sustainable operations
  • Powerful analytics leverage IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced simulation, and Digital Twin


  • Reduce total cost of ownership of assets and plants
  • Maximize asset utilization by increasing throughput and minimizing downtime
  • Understand how and when assets fail, enabling predictive, proactive maintenance
  • Improve visibility into operations to support smarter decision-making

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