Inspection AI for Manufacturing

Use Case

Improving visual inspection processes and quality results

Visual inspection is a costly activity for manufacturers and power generation companies. While camera based technologies have extended the reach of some inspectors, there is sometimes more data available than the human eye can process, and changing environmental conditions and lighting can cause problems for inspectors.

With connected image processing, newer techniques can drive greater efficiency and accuracy for inspectors, line operators, and facility managers. The ideal AI driven solution must be informed by human input and real results, while also retaining the ability to react to changing conditions. End goal: improve output quality and uptime, while reducing cost of manual inspection.

Supported Industries

We have a solution

AI, based on machine learning and human input is the driver for improved results.

This solution use case provided by Capgemini on the MindSphere® platform, enables AI driven visual inspection for multiple environments including manufacturing and power generation.

With real-time data analysis of collected visual images, this AI algorithm uses machine learning and human input to drive faster, more accurate results in visual inspection cycles. With workflows and logic that can be easily created and deployed by business users (not just machine specialists), this solution adapts to the specific needs of each customers. Dashboards provide easy results analysis for line managers and plant managers.

When product lines carry across facilities, logic is easily shared so quality data can be consistent improving results across multiple locations when necessary. With improved diagnosis for problems, rework costs are saved and productivity increased. 


  • AI algorithm utilizes machine learning and human input to improve results.
  • Real-time processing of quality data.
  • Alerts for quality personnel allow for manual inspection, problem detection or improved machine learning.
  •  Easy setup and rapid deployment for new quality workflows.


  •  Improved accuracy of visual inspections and delivered product quality.
  • Reduced costs due to errors and poor quality products shipped to customers.
  • Improved uptime where visual inspections are related to machine state.
  • Usage of standards enables knowledge transfer across factory environments.

How it works

Learn more about the applications and services that power this solution. 

Adaptive Visual Inspection

This mobile visual quality inspection solution is geared for production assembly lines. Using real-time data and image processing, this application uses an AI algorithm using machine learning to inspect quality of assembled parts in production. 


Capgemini Professional Services

Capgemini offers a range of professional services to deploy this solution, depending on your needs, and accelerate your digital transformation. Services may include consulting,  implementation, integration, customization and training.

MindAccess IoT Value Plan and MindServices

MindAccess™ IoT Value Plan connects your assets and uses MindSphere applications to leverage your data.

MindService® offers training and professional services to support the development and implementation of your MindSphere solution.


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