Production Optimization and Yield Management

Use Case

Time-based process chamber analysis provides control system tuning

Semiconductor fabrication, particularly for memory chips, is very competitive with thinning margins. Manufacturers are seeking new ways to cut costs, increase yield and reduce waste. Inconsistent quality affects entire batches, and can be very costly and unproductive for the enterprise. Currently, many fabricators use spreadsheet analysis with commercial or home-grown tools, which are often off-line and can be prone to human error.

Advanced techniques are now being developed with cloud technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Maximizing yield consistency and throughput for every batch and every process chamber across the enterprise makes for a very compelling use case. Real-time process chamber analysis on all full trace sensor data can help achieve consistent performance across the equipment fleet to improve enterprise yield. 

We have a solution

Maximize profitability by increasing yield and reducing waste.

This solution use case, provided by BISTel on the MindSphere® platform, alerts and alarms when any process anomalies are detected. Machine learning based data analysis provides prediction on your asset’s remaining useful life (RUL), allowing optimization of maintenance schedules and maximizing equipment utilization. Production engineers can perform in-depth root cause analyses with other applications which advise operations on turning parameters and setpoint adjustments.

A full dashboard and reporting suite assists plant managers in setting strategies for optimum yield, with KPIs on yield management results. This solution can scale to automotive and aerospace production lines, medical device manufacturers, chemical batch processors and similar industries.


  • Connects devices and sensors for monitoring humidity, temperature, airflow, and other telemetry and parameters.
  • Dashboards with KPIs and full reporting capabilities help with trouble-shooting and decision-making.
  • Wide breadth and depth in a full suite of applications for the semiconductor and flat panel display industries.


  • Optimize yield performance with real-time monitoring and analytics data.
  • Reduce waste, increase performance, and cut costs with improved yield management.

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