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Improve equipment uptime and efficiency with operational analytics

Producers in asset intensive industries need to drive better efficiency and uptime from connected machines to stay competitive. Gaining real insights from data for connected equipment has traditionally been a challenge, either in connecting the machines or in interpreting the results.

With limited insights from machine data and an over-reliance on human inspection, many firms have been forced into a reactive posture for maintenance activity. Staying reactive limits the ability of maintenance activity to break-fix actions, and doesn’t allow for proactive improvements to be made to drive better efficiency and equipment performance.

With connected data tags and converged IT data, improved analytics and uptime are now possible.

We have a solution

Operational machine data and analysis enable predictive maintenance 

This solution use case, provided by Bentley on the MindSphere® platform, provides operational analytics for connected equipment that enables a proactive approach to machine performance and maintenance.

Sensors and controllers continually monitor, measure, report, and record relevant parameters including temperatures, pressure, flow rates, and vibration. Typically data is provided in real-time or near-real time.

Real-time advanced analytics, machine learning and dashboards help predict future performance and patterns to allow for proactive interventions or actions to improve equipment uptime and performance. Visualizations include KPIs that showcase status and operational performance across a whole operation or network.  


  • Real-time dashboard with operational monitoring for connected assets and components.
  • Predictive operational analytics.
  • Integration with multiple enterpise data sources, machine data tags and the MindSphere platform.


  • Increase machine availability and performance.
  • Improve efficiency of maintenance cycles. 
  • Extend working life of equipment through improved decision making and maintenance.
  • Reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Predict future performance and patterns of connected equipment.

How it works

Learn more about the applications and services that power this solution. 

AssetWise Operational Analytics

AssetWise Operational Analytics is an end-user driven operational intelligence platform providing real-time predictive and prescriptive industrial analytics to improve asset performance, reduce costs, and facilitate mission-critical decision making in core business operations. 


Bentley Professional Services

Bentley offers a range of professional services to deploy this solution, depending on your needs, and accelerate your digital transformation. Services may include consulting,  implementation, integration, customization and training.

MindAccess IoT Value Plan and MindServices

MindAccess™ IoT Value Plan connects your assets and uses MindSphere applications to leverage your data.

MindService® offers training and professional services to support the development and implementation of your MindSphere solution.

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