End-to-End Smart Asset Tracking

Use Case

Integrated indoor and outdoor item tracking

Supply chains are moving towards individual item tracking driving a need for improved packaging to help deliver the data required in an efficient manner.

Many options exist today for both indoor and outdoor tracking of packages and containers, however they are disparate systems from both manufacturers and shipping companies and they require a large amount of work to combine datasets to achieve an integrated view with appropriate insights throughout the supply chain.

Ensuring proper thresholds are being met for temperature and condition of goods is also critical in today's marketplace. Gaining an integrated end-to-end view of the full chain of custody and condition metrics helps improve customer acceptance rates, reorder rates, and also reduces the amount of manual time spent on audit related tasks and returned shipments.

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We have a solution

Improved transparency throughout the supply chain.

This solution use case provided by Arrow on the MindSphere® platform, enables end-to-end smart asset tracking throughout the supply chain.

With fully connected indoor and outdoor tracking and condition monitoring, a holistic view of the entire journey is available for each tracked item or container. This RTLS solution integrates through MindSphere and can be easily integrated with other digital enterprise systems including MES, MOM, and ERP.

Inventory control and coordination is greatly enhanced and manual scanning processes are dramatically reduced. This provides faster tracking information to the system and makes workers more productive while moving goods to and from shipping vehicles.

Condition monitoring enables a full audit trail for all shipped goods helping reduce rejected shipments and improve customer satisfaction.


  • RTLS location services.
  • Condition monitoring for temperature, humidity, shock and light.
  • Notification, alerting and process workflows.
  • Integration with ERP, MES, and MOM platforms for increased transparency.
  • Automated indoor and outdoor tracking replaces manual scanning.


  • Improved tracking efficiency and transparency through the supply chain.
  • Increased customer satisfaction with full asset condition monitoring against specified thresholds.
  • Reduced time spent on manual scanning and audit related paper trail events.

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