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Use Case

Reducing Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion has increased in many cities, especially during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, as more citizens changed from public to private transportation.

Unfortunately, most people have switched to cars instead of bicycles, even though a strong infrastructure for bicycles might be available within the city. Compared to travelling by car, using the bicycle can have several advantages especially for short distance trips within the city: bicyclists can reach their destination faster, avoid the stress of congested roadways and save money on fuel costs.

Cities benefit from reduced emissions and reduced traffic on primary roadways.

The key problem therefore is: how can we encourage citizens to use their bicycle instead of their car? Increasing adoption will provide many benefits to city infrastructure and pollution levels.

We have a solution

Increasing bicycle commuter rates

Siemens ADVANTA Solutions provides a solution based on the MindSphere City Graph that helps motivate people to select their bicycle over their car if the advantages are prominently presented. This will be achieved by providing an application for comprehensive route planning that compares travelling by car and by bicycle to allow users to choose the optimal mode of transportation based on current conditions.

By incorporating data beyond simple travel times including available parking and costs, accident hotspots, traffic signals and weather, hazards that may impact bike travel, this approach provides a reliable method for users to safely select bicycle travel without negatively impacting their plans for the day.

MindSphere City Graph is an open urban platform which supports digital models of urban design, providing rich context to develop closed-loop digital twins to support urban planning and problem solving.


  • Ingestion & correlation of geospatial information
  • Intelligent route planning
  • Live, real-world data sourcing
  • Accident hot-spots, signals, construction sites and weather forecast


  • CO2 emission reduction
  • Decrease traffic congestion
  • Cost savings for users
  • Scalable concept

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City Graph

Siemens and Microsoft are working together with customers to address core urban challenges and developing MindSphere City Graph - an Open Urban Platform, which supports digital models of urban design, providing rich context to enable the new generation of city applications.



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