Connected Vehicle Monitoring

Application by HCL

Supported Industries: Construction, Food & Beverage, Mining, Transportations & Logistics


Connected Vehicle Monitoring

Utilizing the connected vehicle ODB port this telematics application provides live tracking of key driving stats and vehicle performance data. With integrated alerts and notifications for unsafe driving and route deviations, your risk profile is reduced. By monitoring key vehicle performance and utilization data better maintenance recommendations are provided to improve the effectiveness and uptime of your fleet.


Integration between ODB port of vehicle and MindSphere platform

Process Impact

Live tracking of fleet utilization and route data along with failure prediction and recommendations through maintenance alerts.

Business Opportunities

  • Improve uptime of fleet vehicles through improved maintenance recommendations.
  • Improve fuel consumption and avoid wastage.
  • Avoid risks associated with unsafe driving practices and driver logging.
  • Improve transparency of fleet operations and simplify auditing processes.

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