Cerebra Quality Pulse

Application by Flutura

Supported Industries: Process Manufacturing


Cerebra Quality Pulse

Unplanned downtime and Machine influenced process deviation is a multi-billion dollar problem which the industry is reeling with, in today’s date. We are addressing this problem through our AI powered platform – Cerebra.  

One of the most important challenges faced by process manufacturing companies is to produce products which are golden batch standards. To achieve this, manufacturing plants should move from Quality Inspection to Quality Assurance. Cerebra Quality Optimization App consists of Quality Pulse, Quality Diagnostics and Quality Prognostics which can help achieve optimal quality on every product manufactured. It can be used for batch , continuous and discreet manufacturing. With Flutura's Cerebra Quality Optimization App manufacturing companies can achieve “Right First Time” through data driven insights. Cerebra Quality Optimization App has been proven and implemented in more than a 100+ manufacturing lines across the globe.


Integration between machine data and enterprise systems including ERP, MES, MindConnect & MindSphere.

Process Impact

Visualization of process and performance data, historical trend analysis leads to fault prediction and quality improvement recommendations.

Business Opportunities

  • Drive ROI by improving yield levels of each production run through reduction in poor quality outcomes
  • Reduce costs related to poor quality outcomes including rework, extra production runs, and loss of customer confidence
  • Automated root cause analysis at batch level and identification of most significant process parameters related to quality

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