AssetWise Operational Analytics

Application by Bentley

Supported Industries: Cross Industry


AssetWise Operational Analytics

Capture, combine, and analyze data from IT and the IIoT and operational data to deliver value across a wide range of core business sectors. AssetWise uses data capture, integration, visualization and advanced analytics to improve operations and maintenance timing, and to identify which maintenance and inspection activities to perform on mission-critical assets.


Supervisors, Maintenance Planners, Plant Managers, IT, Machine Assets, MindSphere Connect, Engineering Systems

Process Impact

Visualization of performance data, faults and predictive maintenance recommendations.  Improved decision making and proactive maintenance drive productivity and uptime.

Business Opportunities

  • Improve uptime, production, and asset availability
  • Predict operational events before they occur, reducing maintenance cost
  • Improved decision making for maintenance and production activity driving better ROI on existing investments

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