Factory Maintenance

Application by Atos

Supported Industries: Manufacturing


Factory Maintenance

In cases of an identified maintenance assignment, a team of service technicians need support in understanding who will be assigned to what task, which assets are relevant for the maintenance task, and the current status of that asset. Factory Maintenance supports this with basic planning functionality for teams and the capability for Atos to integrate this application with an existing maintenance planning backend.  In addition, each task is associated with the MindSphere asset information, allowing the end user to always know the real-time situation and adjust the priority of the job being done. Future releases will also include direct Circuit integration for team conversations.


Machines, tools, maintenance workers and plant maintenance system.

Process Impact

Improve maintenance process efficiency, equipment uptime.

Business Opportunities

  • Improve equipment availability and uptime
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Create more efficient maintenance processes

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