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Starting as a customer to work with MindSphere means joining a life cycle – usually joint solutions undergo a series of transformations as they develop through a number of stages, from discovery and ideation to implementation and finally testing phases which end with success.

Not only successfully implemented solutions can inspire others, so can ideas or first concepts.That’s why you can browse through customer use cases, which have a lower level of development, and customer success stories, which are already advanced in their development.

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Customize your IoT solutions by quickly developing low-code applications based on repeatable use cases and solutions. 


MindSphere is part of Siemens Industrial IoT

The most comprehensive Industrial Internet of Things solution - from edge to cloud - powering the convergence of IT and OT

Benefit from the unlimited possibilities of IIoT: Lower costs, higher quality, more flexibility, efficiency and faster innovation. At Siemens, our mission is to support your strategy: Conquer your market through the perfect integration of data and digitalization. Our IIoT solutions deliver the speed, scalability and versatility you need to succeed.


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