Asset Health & Service Hub

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Detect, analyze, and repair anomalies remotely before they damage machines or disrupt operations

A good after-sales service is key for staying ahead of the competition and increasing customer loyalty. Traditional after-sales service methods involve a lot of travelling and a team reacting to emergencies. Siloed tools hinder service teams from combining all the available facts together for analyzing them.

We have a solution

The Asset Health & Service Hub allows you to remotely track, detect, analyse and repair issues in the field before they harm machines or disrupt operations. It bundles condition analysis, remote service and ticketing system capabilities required to ensure high availability of a machine fleet. This helps you to make maintenance and service decisions and activities faster based on data-driven insights using remote services.

  • Out of the box energy analysis (e.g. compressed air, electricity, water)
  • Easy identification and analysis of anomalies/ energy peaks
  • Flexible dashboard and KPI configuration with appealing visualization options (charts, pie, gauge, Sankey diagram, heat map)
  • Build on the data model and connectivity of MindSphere which allows to use the same data and assets with all MindSphere apps
  • Cloud based = scalability for multiple (worldwide) production sites
  • Foundation to get certified according to ISO 50001

10 %

Energy cost savings


  • Edge technology on the field to detect anomalies 
  • Provide real time facts to allow data based decisions 
  • Remote access capabilities to solve issues in a prompt manner 
  • Tickets make sure that no service activity is overseen or forgotten
  • Systematically collect data of service cases to improve continuously


  • Reduce Mean Time-To-Repair
  • Increase First Time Fix Rate
  • Increase service team productivity
  • Reduce downtime for customers

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How it works

Learn more about the applications and services that power this solution. 


Basic Capability Package

Kickstart your IIoT journey, managing access for a small-scale use case: Explore data, start discovering first insights or integrate and use own applications.


Create your Data Model

Select the right amount of Asset Attributes, which represent the variables you want to read and configure in your IoT data model.



Choose the Right Size

Define how big your account should be. Choose from a variety of different cloud resource sizes to meet your use case.


MindSphere Remote Service

MindSphere Remote Services application provides Industrial IoT capabilities for servicing machines from remote via MindSphere.


Edge Analytics Engine

Collect and analyze data at higher sampling rates on your edge devices and preprocess high dynamic signals before sending the aggregates to the cloud.


Asset Health & Service Hub

Detect, analyze, and repair anomalies remotely before they damage machines or disrupt operations.

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