Analytics-based Product Engineering

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Combining system simulation and IoT capabilities to improve product designs and issue resolution through simulation based on real load cases

Nowadays, engineering and services departments are facing difficult challenges to stay ahead of the competition. Lot size one and the increasing need for customer-specific solutions put additional pressure on the engineering departments. One of their biggest challenges is to ensure a high product market fit and to build designs right to the customer needs. On the other hand, it is also important to be innovative and to improve the products regularly to stay competitive.

In addition, service departments are constantly interested in improving their service quality.  They want to find new ways to innovate the service, e.g., through the introduction of new tools or research. The ultimate goal of the innovation is, to speed up the reaction time on issues and a faster resolution of these problems. 

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Analytics-based product engineering provides insights from the field to your engineering and service departments

Analytics-based Product Engineering connects MindSphere with different Siemens PLM tools. MindSphere establishes a connection to Teamcenter to directly report fleet issues back into the PLM system. There, the issues can be tracked and assigned to other engineers, e.g. simulation engineers. Through the Closed-Loop System Simulation application, a simulation engineer can now trigger simulations on MindSphere based on the real load cases from the field. This gives him the opportunity to finetune the design right to the customer needs or to identify the root-causes of problems. This solution closes the loop between different departments and also fosters a closer collaboration.

  • Out of the box energy analysis (e.g. compressed air, electricity, water)
  • Easy identification and analysis of anomalies/ energy peaks
  • Flexible dashboard and KPI configuration with appealing visualization options (charts, pie, gauge, Sankey diagram, heat map)
  • Build on the data model and connectivity of MindSphere which allows to use the same data and assets with all MindSphere apps
  • Cloud based = scalability for multiple (worldwide) production sites
  • Foundation to get certified according to ISO 50001

10 %

Energy cost savings


  • Manually trigger or schedule simulations based on IoT data directly on MindSphere
  • Manage Digital Twins of your onboarded assets
  • Manage simulation model parameters and multiple simulation configurations to run simulation tests using operational data


  • Improve collaboration through integrated solutions
  • Learn from problems from the field and design better products
  • Create new business models and sell product optimization based on the product usage
  • Enhance your MTTR by utilizing simulation capabilities to identify possible sources of errors

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