Advanced Production Analytics and Optimization

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Combining plant simulation and IoT capabilities to improve production and to support issue resolution through production replay based on real data from the field

Production line bottlenecks play a big role when it comes to production line losses with studies showing that it is possible to lose up to 30% of production capacity because of them. This leaves a lot of potential on the table. 
But why does this happen? 

Multiple factors play a key role. Production line simulation models are usually built based on experience and are executed based on generic values. The uncertainty in the generic values leads to different behavior between the real world and the digital representation. Most of the time, production problems or bottlenecks are dynamic and therefore difficult to identify and to model. Inaccurate simulation models can make it difficult for engineers to identify bottlenecks, to perform fast and accurate troubleshooting and to resolve them.

We have a solution

Advanced production analytics and optimization provides insights from the field for your production line design and problem resolution

Advanced production analytics and optimization connects MindSphere with Tecnomatix Plant Simulation to generate new insights.
Once the connection is established and the Plant Simulation model is loaded in MindSphere, the user can setup different studies based on different model paramaters. 

The different parameter variations can help the engineer to identify the best fit for an existing problem or to update the current design.
After the selection of timeseries data, the user is able to perform the production replay in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation based on the real field behavior. The results can be used to further analyze problems, to identify bottlenecks and to improve the production line design.

  • Out of the box energy analysis (e.g. compressed air, electricity, water)
  • Easy identification and analysis of anomalies/ energy peaks
  • Flexible dashboard and KPI configuration with appealing visualization options (charts, pie, gauge, Sankey diagram, heat map)
  • Build on the data model and connectivity of MindSphere which allows to use the same data and assets with all MindSphere apps
  • Cloud based = scalability for multiple (worldwide) production sites
  • Foundation to get certified according to ISO 50001

10 %

Energy cost savings


  • Execute simulations using operational data for playback and analysis
  • Manage simulation model parameter configurations for operational data requests
  • Request operational data from onboarded assets for any time period and configuration
  • Visualize the simulation results of different configurations in MindSphere


  • Improve collaboration through integrated solutions
  • Transparency and design insights from machine downtime, mean-time-to-repair and mean-time-between-failures
  • Use discrete events simulation models using real production data for playback scenarios
  • Diagnose plant floor issues in near-real-time using the digital twin models
  • Increase simulation model’s confidence levels

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