Smart Cooling Equipment contributes to predictive maintenance

Smart Cooling Equipment contributes to predictive maintenance

Integrate and network Rittal enclosure cooling units of the new Blue e+ series in intelligent systems. Collect data of a large population of enclosure cooling units. Provide up-to-date status and performance information on every device. Support remote condition monitoring, predictive and demand-driven maintenance to substantially reduce service costs and increase machine availability.


Rittal GmbH & Co. KG


Rittal is the world's leading systems provider for enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure and software & services. Headquartered in Herborn (Germany), it runs 12 production sites and has 10,000 employees worldwide.

MindSphere Partner for the Machine Building Industry

Rittal and MindSphere have worked together as partners through the entire process: From defining the customer journey to the actual App development and connecting to the platform as a good starting point to develop customer centric solutions.

Holger Michalka, Executive Vice President Sales Europe & Service International, Rittal GmbH & Co. KG., explain how the cooperation with MindSphere is the next step of further customer centric solutions in the IoT services, maintenance and service environment.

Solution in a Nutshell

State-of-the-art Rittal Blue e+ cooling units transmit their data through a gateway (Rittal IoT Interface) directly to the cloud-based MindSphere IoT patform. Here the data are monitored and analysed using the dedicated Rittal Smart Service app for MindSphere. The app supports remote system monitoring and cost-effective demand-driven maintenance.

Project Scope

Rittal has a clear goal in mind: Based on a system for implementing an intelligent maintenance management system, which not only analyses the given data but also provides a predictive maintenance schedule, they develop their own applications to fit their individual need. MindSphere offers a comprehensive and secure platform which is scalable and can be run on various cloud solutions to collect data from the Blue e+ Cooling Units to optimize the production process.

Connected assets

  • Rittal Blue e+ generation
  • Rittal IoT Interface

Queried data

  • Performance data
  • Component statuses
  • Running times
  • Parameters and settings
  • Temperatures
  • System messages




Service & maintenance savings



Product Experience

The operating behavior of enclosure cooling units is constantly monitored in real time which enables the automated detection of maintenance requirements and the display of failure-specific service recommendations.


The intelligent Blue e + cooling units fit perfectly into our concept. The connection of our machines enables us to control our production by providing data in real time, thereby improving maintenance times and energy efficiency. The possibility of integrating the Blue e + family into our own tool "the@vanced" as well as the Rittal Smart Service offer convinced us.

Donatus Weber, Dr.-Ing., Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik

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