MindSphere Smart City App

Meet the cloud-based IIoT app that makes Expo 2020 Dubai smarter, safer, and greener

At the heart of Expo 2020 Dubai's infrastructure stands a pioneering IIoT solution: the MindSphere Smart City App.
It collects, monitors, correlates, and analyzes Expo site data in the cloud as a single source of truth to help drive Expo's goals and KPIs.

Putting sustainability into a city’s DNA with IIoT

To drive their vision of sustainable urban living, the Expo 2020 Dubai organizers needed what was, in essence, an all-in-one IIoT solution to creating a very smart environment. They envisioned an IIoT-enabled, adaptable, and scalable solution with the capacity to grow as use cases emerge and change.

The solution would support decision-makers in reaching sustainability targets, help operations monitor, maintain, and control a secure, and reliable infrastructure while making the Expo grounds a great and safe place to live, work, and visit. 

A single source of truth to track it all

From environmental monitoring to HVAC to security systems, the close collaboration between Siemens MindSphere and the organizers of Expo 2020 Dubai has produced a jack-of-all-trades powerhouse. With this IIoT solution, Siemens has turned the Expo grounds into the essential smart city – and helped Expo 2020 Dubai become the most digital and connected Expo ever.

We are bringing IoT to life at Expo 2020 Dubai, connecting the physical and digital world with MindSphere!

The MindSphere Smart City App gives Expo operations a single-pane-of-glass view into metrics from the entire Expo infrastructure – and for some subsystems, even the capability to control it. From sustainability management to operational teams, from security teams to management, multiple stakeholders use its actionable data, for example, to identify sustainability drivers and track key performance indicators. Leveraging artificial intelligence, the app even provides predictions and forecasts for some parameters.

subsystems queried

buildings connected

sensor data points

A cloud-based app, an open smart city operating system, and an IIoT framework

The IIoT Smart City App integrates over 20 subsystems across the Expo 2020 Dubai site. Siemens technology, IIoT sensors, and a host of 3rd party systems form the app’s IIoT Smart City framework. 

The volume, variety, and velocity of data are unprecedented. An inventive custom IoT agent handles the connectivity of subsystems. Scalable and secure, this agent runs on any platform, OS, and hardware and is reusable with minimal or no changes in code.

Each use case means more capabilities and greater adaptability

Currently covering a wide range of use cases, the MindSphere Smart City App is adding to its already extensive library of use case modules to serve the future incarnation of the Dubai Expo site, District 2020.

Just like this smart urban district will go on as a living example of cutting-edge practices, the MindSphere Smart City App will support the smart evolution of cities worldwide that seek to address the challenges of sustainable urbanization with the power of IoT.


Waste Management

Environmental Monitoring
Outdoor and Indoor AIQ
Wind Monitoring 

Ecology and Landscaping

Buildings and

Smart Energy Metering

Smart Water Metering

Building Management System

Smart Irrigation

Smart Lighting

Carbon Footprint Calculation

Safety and

Security Management System

Noise Monitoring

Access Control


Visitor Engagement

EV Infrastructure

People Counting

Occupancy Data


All of Expo in the palm of your hand

The MindSphere Smart City App is a holistic application that can transform urban planning and sustainability management, not only because it covers an extensive array of use cases but because it cuts through the gordian knot of data complexity.
It is a single source of truth for all use-case metrics and a single pane of glass to access them.

The app’s single-pane-of-glass user interface and its UX design set a new standard in the global arena.
The clean and intuitive graphic interface lets users monitor and control their infrastructure in real-time from any device, even a smartphone.

The learning curve for users is flat and short, and credentials and roles govern user access to individual metrics. 

The MindSphere Smart City App helps Expo 2020 Dubai achieve its sustainability goals – in an incredibly demanding environment. 

Afzal Shabaz Mohammed, VP IoT, Technology and Innovation at Siemens Expo 2020 Dubai

Connecting minds to create the Smart City App of the future 

MindSphere’s unique capability to bring physical infrastructures into the digital world made Siemens a prime candidate for supporting Expo 2020 Dubai’s ambitious sustainability goals. The co-creation of what would become the MindSphere Smart City App puts Expo 2020 Dubai and Siemens as its Premier Partner for Infrastructure Digitalization at the center of the conversation on how we can build – and retrofit – cities for a sustainable future. The co-creation workshops in the runup to Expo 2020 Dubai with the organizers and Siemens experts created a unique opportunity: to realize a shared vision of an environment with the technical and operational resilience and IoT smarts to meet the urbanization and sustainability challenges of today and tomorrow.

MindSphere Future World Series at Expo 2020 Dubai

At Expo 2020 Dubai, Siemens MindSphere, will host the MindSphere Future World Series to bring together people who care to make our world smarter, more livable, and sustainable. This series of high-profile open-innovation events sets out challenges to find viable solutions to crucial sustainability issues. Some of these crowdsourced use cases will enrich the MindSphere Smart City App.

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