Monitoring Energy Consumption of Plants in Real-time

Festo Energy Efficiency Modules


Make energy consumption of industrial fleets, individual machines and single components fully transparent. Securely transmit data of different device types, technology standards and ages to a cloud-based platform. Aggregate, visualize, and analyze data in real-time, and apply switch-off cycles on unused components to reduce costs.

Festo AG & Co. KG


Festo supplies pneumatic and electrical automation technology for 300,000 customers in over 35 industries. Headquartered in Esllingen, Germany, the company has over 20.000 employees worldwide.

Thomas Stauß, Head of Development Engineering Software, Festo AG & Co. KG, explains how Festo and MindSphere come together to provide real-time information to monitor and optimize Energy Efficiency Modules and as the result save energy costs.

MindSphere Partner for the Machine Building Industry

Festo and MindSphere have partnered to optimize Festo’s machine system by reducing energy costs and increasing machine availability with MindSphere’s easy visualization and machine set-up, as well as global data analytics. Starting point has been a hands on workshop with MindSphere experts which enabled Festo to directly focus on creating value.

Solution in a Nutshell

Festo Energy Efficiency Modules are installed as plug-and-work solutions for the pneumatic circuit as a whole. A decentralized automation platform collects data from multiple modules and combines them on a valve terminal with Codesys controller on board. From here data are sent via gateway to the MindSphere cloud. A dedicated Festo app allows easy data aggregation, visualization, condition monitoring and advanced diagnostic.

Project Scope

The data generated by the Festo energy efficiency module are brought via OPC-UA and an CPX-IOT Gateway to the MindSphere Cloud. The App needed is developed by Festo and installed in the Mindphere environment using Siemens MindConnect LIB. The App for the Festo energy efficiency module inside MindSphere allows easy visualization, quicker

set-up and parametrization of the product and online visualization during machine run-time. The data analystics support advanced diagnostic and condition monitoring concepts and could lead into predicitive maintenance system by combining data from different sources inside the cloud.

Connected assets

  • Festo Energy Modules: MSE6-E2M
  • Festo Fieldbus: CM-Library + CPX-CEC
  • Festo IoT gateway: CPX-IOT-S

Queried data

  • Air supply pressure (bar)
  • Air supply flow (l/min)
  • Air consumption (l)






Energy cost reduction



6-24 months

ROI Period

Project Experience

The Festo app for MindSphere provides detailed real-time information on every connected Energy Efficiency Module. Key metrics like supply pressure, supply flow, and air consumption are displayed and reported over time.


Als Festo sehen wir uns als "Engineers of productivity" und möchten den Kunden in seiner präferierten Umgebung bestmöglich unterstützen. Die Siemens MindSphere bietet eine IoT-Plattform mit viel Potenzial und ein Ökosystem, das einen Durchbruch im Bereich der vernetzten Fertigung erreichen kann. Sie ist daher eine Zielplattform für unsere Dienste für vorausschauende Wartung und Energieeffizienz, #higherproductivity eben.

Andreas Oroszi, Vice President Digital Business, Festo AG & Co. KG

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