MindSphere for Academia

Cloud computing, and technologies that build on it, are among the fastest-growing IT disciplines today.
Big data, predictive analytics, machine learning, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are evolving rapidly.

To support institutions offering higher education in science, technology, and engineering to keep up with the pace of innovation, MindSphere has created a budget-friendly offering for non-commercial educational use.

Empowering the next generation in a digital world

Employing MindSphere creates learning opportunities. From IIoT classes to lab set-ups with a wide range of assets, to cross-disciplinary projects, with MindSphere institutions can enrich their IoT curriculum, expand their research capabilities, and improve learning outcomes.

With MindSphere’s industrial IoT Platform, students and researchers can put theory into practice. By addressing real-world challenges in a learning environment, they close the gap between academia and the private sector.



  • Build, test, and run pilot projects and prototype IIoT applications
  • Enable collaborative research in large-scale experiments
  • Explore machine learning and edge analytics
  • Apply predictive learning methods
  • Implement and use digital twins
  • Enrich classes with training material from our Xcelerator Academy


  • Integrated data lake for storing and analyzing structured and unstructured data in its native format
  • Semantic data interconnect for establishing semantic relationships between disparate sources
  • Predictive learning for complex analytics and processing of large amounts of raw data
  • Dedicated accounts for custom-defined roles such as educators, developers, or students
  • Edge analytics for fully integrated condition monitoring and KPI calculation at the Edge

MindSphere optimized for your educational mission

MindSphere for academic use is based on our Premium Capability Package. It is designed to support and enable a diverse range of subjects, projects, and research. Optional add-ons including apps, services, and additional cloud resources are available for more specific set-ups. Meet MindSphere for Academia.

Premium Capability Package

The Premium package unleashes the full capability of MindSphere at scale. Discover the semantics of data on a large scale using the Semantic Data Interconnect (SDI) and Integrated Data Lake (IDL).

1000 Asset Attributes

Assets are the digital representation of machines or buildings in MindSphere. Asset Attributes, such as temperature, pressure, or speed, can be static or dynamic. This package provides you with 1,000 Asset Attributes to configure your data model.

IIoT Data

This package provides you with cloud resources, like time series data ingest, time series data storage, file storage, compute hours, rules, KPIs, notifications, or events.

Data Lake

Store structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data with MindSphere. Get Integrated Data Lake resources in the cloud for data read/write, read, write and search operations or storage of data and objects. 

Semantic Data Interconnect 

This contextualized data integration framework allows institutions to maximize the value of IoT data and data from disparate sources.


Learn to build and deploy prediction models using machine learning techniques. This unit takes a Python-centric approach and will include Jupyter Notebook.


Condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and edge-based data preprocessing with out-of-the-box and custom KPI calculations.

XA Membership for Academics

Learn about MindSphere core components, how to connect assets, develop applications with traditional code and no – or low – code, and how to use MindSphere to analyze data.

Free classroom resource about IIoT with MindSphere

To help you familiarize your students with the industrial Internet of things, its core components, and tools, we have put together course material and instructions.

As an educator, you can use this material to enrich your curriculum. You can draw inspirations for teaching students about the basics, of connecting devices, cloud computing, machine learning, and data analytics.


Still undecided? Take a look around. It’s free!

Experimenting with our start-for-free package creates opportunities to explore, experience, and get creative with industrial IoT. Newcomers can jump right in – or join guided tours and courses to get a lay of the land. If you want to change the duration or scope of a start-for-free project and add more apps, assets, or contributors, you can opt to migrate your project to MindSphere for Academia.

No download required

Up to ten assets and three apps

Connectivity and data options

Asset Manager, Operations Insight, Visual Flow Creator, and Developer Cockpit

Free access to the Xcelerator Academy for educational institutions

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