Start for free for Partners 

Discover how Start for free can help accelerate the digital transformation of our joint customers, and explore the new features and benefits available today.

MindSphere welcomes our partners to use and promote the new Start for free offerings that enable our customers to experience MindSphere experience faster, with real benefits and with no financial barrier. 

New features available in Start for free enable now our partners and customers to use new industrial connectivity and data to implement tailored industrial use cases based on own partner offerings and solutions. Additionally, by promoting Start for free with new "partner tracking strings", partners receive their customers registrations to support them to implement own use cases and solutions with MindSphere.

Start for free is a journey to support partners and customers to identify and develop new business opportunities with MindSphere. 

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New Start for free features and benefits

Now with Start for Free, partners, developers, and end users can deliver MindSphere experiences faster than ever to their customers and demonstrate real business value.

Industrial Connectivity

Explore MindSphere by connecting assets and upload data to MindSphere!

Users can now use MindConnect hardwares, as Nano or IoT 2040, the MindConnect Lib to create own connectivity agent, or MindConnect Software Agent to allow customers to transform their own devices into connect gateway to connect to industrial assets to MindSphere. 

Deploy apps to customers

Allow app operators to deploy their apps to free tenants on demand!

Partners can deploy their own apps or solutions to their customer's Start for free tenants as required via developer or operator cockpit. As the app owner, partners decide to which customers, when and for how long the app will be available for free.

Free to Full Experience

Seamless land and expand experience for partner's Start for free users!

Partners and customers can now transform their Start for free tenants into full access, paid accounts. Users can further extend their accounts on demand by purchasing the app, solution or service provided by the partner.

Partner Tracking Strings

Receive your customer registrations for Start for free directly!

Partners can now promote Start for free directly to their customers using their own unique "promotion tracking strings". Registrations completed using a tracking string are routed back directly to the respective partner that can help the  customers to implement their own use cases, identify and generate real business benefits with MindSphere.

What's included in Start for free?

Step by step guided tours through MindSphere

Access to a wide range of out of the box apps

Develop with preinstalled templates, tools and APIs in Mendix

Join the Community

Learn, collaborate and interact with other members

Check the Online Documentation

Learn more about MindSphere features and apps

Read the Product Sheets & Terms

Get information on included services or the subscription term

Which apps are included?


Asset Manager

Model the structure of an industrial process using assets, types and aspects.


Visual Analyzer

Improve efficiency and profitability by comparing data.


Visual Flow Creator

Create versatile workflows and interactive dashboards.


Developer Cockpit

Configure and manage your developed applications in MindSphere.


Fleet Manager

Enables you to monitor, visualize and analyze assets and aspects.

Operations Insight

The IIoT starting point to begin monitoring assets and gaining insights.

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Our team of experts is happy to answer your questions and help you get started with MindSphere.

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Whether you get value from your data through our IoT apps and solutions or develop your own, learn how to use MindSphere step by step.

It seems you are using a mobile device. Please switch to desktop to register for Start for free.