ZNT Zentren für Neue Technologien

ZNT provides the Edge Computing Platform PAC for Integration of equipment at the shop floor into MindSphere® as well as to Siemens MOM solutions. PAC is listed as Siemens product CEP3000. PAC is the shop floor integration platform that scales from SMB to the biggest High Tech production sites.

MindSphere Partnership Information

PAC (ZNT process Automation Controller) enables smart production based on IoT and Industrie 4.0 technologies seamlessly integrated into legacy environments. The comprehensive Shop Floor Integration Platform integrates equipment from many industries (Electronics, Semiconductor, Automotive Suppliers, Medical Device and others) and based on many automation protocols into Siemens MES as well as into MindSphere environments. This goes far beyond simple data collections. With PAC our customers integrate fully automated production sites with > 1000 equipment.

Industry Focus

Partner Role

  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics & Semiconductors

Partner Role

ZNT's MindSphere Solutions

Use Case

Smart Energy Management

Supported Industries:

  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Process Industry

Company Information

ZNT Zentren für Neue Technologien GmbH is a provider of Manufacturing IT solutions (MOM, shop-floor and Cloud integration). ZNT implements MES solutions based on the Camstar Enterprise Platform from Siemens with the industry specific extensions Camstar Semiconductor Suite, Electronics Suite and Medical Device Suite around the globe. The Process Automation Controller (PAC) ZNT enables customers to integrate equipment in automated manufacturing environments based on many communication protocols like SECS/GEM, OPC UA, Modbus, Euromap, native Siemens PLC, Web Services and many others. With the PAC MindSphere Adapter, the platform provides comprehensive capabilities for Edge computing.

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