PIA Automation

The strategic collaboration between Siemens MindSphere® and PIA Automation leads to a comprehensive portfolio of powerful analytical applications seamlessly integrated with the worldwide-connected production lines of PIA’s customers. 


MindSphere Partnership Information

The continuous optimization of the OEE remains a main target in producing industries. With PIA Industrial App Suite, the industrial assets are seamlessly connected to Siemens MindSphere as well as the production and process data stored in a big data. The powerful smart applications in PIA Industrial App Suite monitors the health of the plant assets, processes and analyzes the historical and online data from the production lines. This allows the identification of correlation of events, which were causing blockage and prevent from unexpected downtime und thus leads to an optimal asset utilization.

Industry Focus

Partner Role

  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Electronics & Semiconductors
  • Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals

Partner Role

PIA's MindSphere Solutions


Use Case

Worldwide Digital Dashboard

Supported Industries:

  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Energy & Utilities

Company Information

PIA Automation Holding is an international corporate group that offers technically complex, commercially mature automation solutions. Its range of services covers everything from manual assembly workstations to fully-automated production systems with integrated testing technology and data recording. PIA has mastered the interplay of mechanics, electronics, programming, measurement technology, production systems, documentation, image processing and robotics, along with research and development. It has responded to the trends toward digitization and networking with its own Industry 4.0 solution.


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