PhDsoft offers MindSphere®-based 4D-space-time visualization software with predictive analytics intelligence to manage and monitor structural integrity of assets, static equipment and piping during their operational lifecycles.

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PhDsoft Technology is the market leader in digital transformation of the maintenance process of structures, piping and static equipment. PhDsoft’s MindSphere-based solution combines analytics, artificial intelligence and digital twin technologies with IoT, big data and cloud computing to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce operational and maintenance costs, mitigate risks such as accidents and failures, reduce downtime and provide significant competitive advantage.

PhDC4D® is a 4D predictive software solution that uses MindSphere to support IoT integration and asset monitoring in real time, providing a smooth and safe digital transformation of the maintenance process. Data efficiently flows from critical assets via MindSphere to PhDC4D Smart Digital Twin to provide awareness of the aging process and associated risks over time.

Industry Focus

Partner Role

  • Energy & Utilities
  • Marine
  • Process Industry

Partner Role

PhDsoft's MindSphere Solutions

Use Case

Predictive Analytics and Asset Lifecycle Management

Supported Industries:

  • Energy & Utilities
  • Process Industry

Company Information

PhDsoft is leading the market in digital transformation.  We are an engineering technology company and creator of PhDC4D® 4D-space-time visualization software that uses predictive smart digital twin technology to enable integrated current condition of an asset visualized in the 3D model.  Our solution is designed to manage and monitor the structural integrity of assets, static equipment and piping during their operational lifecycles.  PhDC4D incorporates industry best practices and proprietary predictive algorithms based on historical data to accurately predict the future condition of the assets.  The solution makes it possible to accurately assess the condition of assets, calculate the timing and cost of repairs to keep assets safe and reliable, reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of assets.  Our technology can be applied to many industries, including Oil and Gas, Transportation Infrastructure (bridges, subway, railroads), Communications (cellular towers), Mining and Metals, and Manufacturing Plants with Large Assets.


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