Receives operational status data wirelessly from signal lights at the receiver, which in turn passes the information to a status visualization and analysis application in MindSphere that allows the user to see the facility's operational status from anywhere.

MindSphere Partnership Information

By connecting signal towers to a wireless network, it is possible to visualize the operating status of the equipments which could not be originally connecteded each others. 

And through the Siemens MindSphere, it is possible to grasp and analyze the operating status of equipment at any time, anywhere in the world, to accelerate the improvement activities and PDCA Cycle. 

Industry Focus

Partner Role

  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Consumer Products & Retail
  • Electronics & Semiconductors
  • Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment
  • Process Industry
  • Small & Medium Business
  • Software Development

Partner Role

PATLITE's MindSphere Solutions

Use Case

Cloud Style Operation Status Visualization

Supported Industries:

  • Hybrid OT

Company Information

PATLITE has offered state-of-the-art equipment for the process and industrial automation industries. Innovative and durable design, a strong commitment to safety and security, has made PATLITE the world's best known manufacturer of visual and audible signaling devices.

PATLITE has been expanding its technology and product line while focusing on industry trends and innovation. As the industry’s signaling needs are shifting to network-capable devices, PATLITE has provided an array of products ranging from wireless data-acquisition systems, programmable signal towers, IO-Link and POE-enabled devices, and more.

With constant efforts to meet and exceed customers’ expectations for reliable products, and continues to deliver safety, security and comfort to workplaces and facilities throughout the world.

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