Edge2Web delivers connectivity, integration, and application building tools for MindSphere® developers and end users. Based on a visual development model, Edge2Web Director allows domain experts and app developers to rapidly create, deploy and operate high-value industrial IoT dashboards and applications.


MindSphere Partnership Information

Edge2Web and Siemens are partnering to bring best-in-class digital solutions to industrial businesses globally. Our combined value proposition is to enable organizations to rapidly liberate their data from OT silos, gain insights through advanced analytics and AI algorithms, and operationalize those insights across their businesses and extended ecosystems. Siemens provides “first mile” connectivity from the plant to the MindSphere cloud, secure and optimized cloud storage, platform analytics, and other related services; Edge2Web provides the high productivity app building tools to bring that data to life.

Siemens and Edge2Web have collaborated on many industrial IoT applications and have deep networks of partners who can add specialty domain expertise as may be needed to achieve our customers’ digital objectives.

Industry Focus

Partner Role

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Consumer Products & Retail
  • Electronics & Semiconductors
  • Energy & Utilities

Partner Role

Edge2Web's MindSphere Solutions


Use Case

Visual IIoT App Building

Supported Industries:

  • Cross Industry

Company Information

Edge2Web is a cloud-based provider of software tools for rapidly building, deploying and operating a wide range of industrial applications that leverage MindSphere hosted data, analytics, events and files. Our flagship product, Edge2Web Director, is a visual app building platform aimed primarily at industrial domain experts and app developers.

Edge2Web Director makes it fast and easy to create and deploy MindSphere apps for plant and asset monitoring, manufacturing optimization (OEE), remote equipment diagnostics, mobile field service, multi-site data consolidation, and many others. Edge2Web-based applications can also easily integrate data and workflows from enterprise apps such as ERP, APM and CRM. 

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