Arrow Electronics


Arrow Electronics is a global technology solutions provider. Through aggregation and integration capabilities, Arrow is uniquely positioned to provide you with all the building blocks for your IoT solution. From Sensor to Sunset ™.


MindSphere Partnership Information

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds great promise, but IoT solutions can often be complex and overwhelming. Building on decades of experience and a global network, Arrow brings simplicity to IoT. We specialize in engineering, aggregating, and integrating diverse IoT technologies and services – from operational technology (OT) to information technology (IT). Our Sensor to Sunset™ framework guides you across the OT/IT chasm, enabling you to create, connect, analyze, manage, and sustain secure, connected devices. With MindSphere, we help you build or use applications and data models to discover actionable insights once your data has been created, connected and stored. Arrow`s collaboration with MindSphere enables quick deployment of projects around industrial IoT, retrofit, smart cities, buildings and infrastructure, embedded sensor-to-cloud solutions or simply connecting things.

Industry Focus

Partner Role

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Electronics & High Tech
  • Healthcare & Medical Devices
  • Marine & Ship Building
  • Power Generation: Non-renewable
  • Power Generation: Renewable
  • Power Transmission & Distribution
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Retail & Distribution
  • Smart Buildings & Construction
  • Smart Cities, Traffic & Highways
  • Transportations & Logistics

Partner Role

Arrow Electronic's MindSphere Solutions

Use Case

End-to-End Smart Asset Tracking

Supported Industries:

  • Transportation & Logistics

Company Information

Arrow Electronics (NYSE:ARW) guides innovation forward for over 200,000 leading technology manufacturers and service providers. With 2018 sales of $30 billion, Arrow develops technology solutions that improve business and daily life. Learn more at

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