An industrial IoT as a service solution to build on

Leveraging the MindSphere® solution, you power your industrial IoT solutions, from edge to cloud, with advanced analytics and AI. Ingesting and visualizing near real-time data and analytics in a central location supports proactive operational decision-making – no additional development required.

Built on the Mendix low-code application platform, MindSphere empowers customers, partners and the Siemens organization to quickly build and integrate personalized IoT applications to address specific use cases.

Connect the things that run your business

Make decisions on a global scale

Securely leverage and analyze all your organization’s data - where you want, when you want. MindSphere enables global access of secure, cloud-based applications and solutions that quickly scale, expand and integrate based on business needs. Available on private cloud, or leading public cloud providers: AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud.

With Siemens ensuring reliable availability, you save the cost – and headache – associated with an owned cloud infrastructure such as maintenance and updates.



Better remote services

Edge apps and cloud connectivity give you game-changing remote access to machine data. Insights into the machine use and operations at customer sites are vital to improving your machine designs or launching new business models such as maintenance-as-a-service.

By managing devices, software, and security from the cloud, you can manage machines remotely and speed up machine software innovation cycles.


Power IoT solutions with advanced analytics

While open to any 3rd-party system, combining MindSphere and Industrial Edge has unique benefits. Together, they enable comprehensive IoT solutions that put automation data and data in context, are simpler to realize, and deliver instant added value.

Insights into data-in-motion allow you to optimize asset productivity and availability instantly. Perform advanced streaming analytics and AI from the edge to the cloud to fast-track insights for critical and non-critical processes.


Strong on their own, best as a team

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Business case, scope, goals: There is no one-size-fits-all IIoT strategy. Explore how you can leverage the power of IIoT to drive the value of your operations and business model.